When users are added to ServicePal, they each must be assigned to a role.

The user's role defines what the user can see and operate in ServicePal. You may change a user's role as needed.


Technicians are sometimes referred to as end users. Technicians don't have access to any of the administrator or approval features. They have access to ServicePal for iPad only, not the ServicePal.com web application. The end-user role is called "Technician" and includes the following privileges:

  • Can only access ServicePal for iPad
  • Can access customers [only for jobs they are assigned to]
  • Can add new customers [This should be done while adding a new job)]
  • Can only access jobs that user has been assigned to
  • Can add jobs, but cannot assign other resources to the job
  • Can change job information and forms attached to jobs
  • Can fill out their own time sheet


The Manager role is assigned to service managers and dispatchers. Managers can schedule and dispatch jobs across all technicians. They also approve time sheets. The Manager role includes the following privileges:
  • Can access both ServicePal for iPad and the ServicePal web application
  • Can access all customers, jobs, forms, reports and time sheets
  • Can add new customers, jobs and forms (and publish forms)
  • Can access all jobs and can change job information on all jobs
  • Can schedule all jobs; assign any resource to jobs
  • Can create time entries for all jobs
  • Can approve/reject all time sheets, including their own


Administrators are users with additional privileges to manage and customize ServicePal. Administrators can be assigned jobs like users and managers, but they may also do the following:
  • Can access both ServicePal for iPad and the ServicePal web application
  • Can access and edit setup information, such as work hours, job types, job statuses, customer types, tax rates.
  • Can add and edit items, products and services and
  • Can add  and edit service agreements
  • Can add and manage end-users, managers, and administrators

Account owner

The account owner is the person who created your ServicePal account. The account owner is able to change the ServicePal subscription, such as upgrading/downgrading the plan and add/remove features.

There can only be one account owner. If you need the Account Owner to be changed, please contact ServicePal Support.