With ServicePal your price book is just a single tap away.

Products and services you offer, are referred to as Items in ServicePal. They can be goods described by part numbers and UPC codes, or they can be labor charges, such as "Helper - Overtime"

You can either enter items manually, or import items from a CVS file. 

To enter an item

1. Sign in to ServicePal using your computer

2. Click Items icon in the toolbar

3. Click Add item

4. Enter an item number (must be unique)

5. Enter the description of the item

6. Enter the sales price of the item (see article on Flat rate pricing for multiple sales prices.)

7. Check the Tax check box if sales tax should be calculated for the item

8. If you do not allow the item to be discounted/changed by a technician, check the Don't allow sales price adjustments check box

9. Click Save