If you sell service agreements, energy savings agreements, extended warranties etc., they typically involve you servicing a customer at predefined intervals.

In ServicePal, you can setup and manage any number of such agreements. The Service Agreement feature is available to subscribers on the PREMIUM plan.

To setup a service agreement

  • Sign in to ServicePal using a desktop or laptop computer
  • Click Service Agreements from the Account menu
  • Click Add agreement from the Actions sidebar
  • Specify the name of the agreement, such as "24 Point Tune-up". Typically, you want to name them as you refer to them when talking to customers. The name should be recognizable by your technicians
  • Specify the duration of the agreement. When you sell the agreement, how long should it be effective?
  • Does the agreement automatically renew? If so, check the Auto-renew check box.
  • If the agreement should create jobs automatically at predefined intervals, check the Auto-create jobs check box
  • Specify the frequency by which jobs should be created, every 6 months, once a year etc.
  • Specify how many days in advance of the predefined interval the jobs should be added to your calendar
  • If you would like the scheduled jobs to automatically include forms, you can specify the forms
  • When done, click Save

You are now ready to use the agreement with your customers. The agreement can be added to a customer by editing the customer.

When you edit a customer, you will select the agreement from the list of active agreements you have. Secondly, the effective date field, you specify WHEN the agreement is effective from. If you sold the agreement TODAY, you specify today's date. It is OK to back-date the Effective Date field.

The Effective Date field is used to calculate when the next predefined interval for job creation is.