When you sell service agreements, energy savings agreements, extended warranties and more they typically involve servicing customers at predefined intervals.

In ServicePal, you can setup as many agreements as you offer. The feature is only available on the PREMIUM plan.

Setting up a service agreement

1. Sign in using a web browser

2. Click Agreements

3. Click +

4. Name the agreement so it matches the contracts (forms) customers are signing. You can use the ServicePal Form Designer to create these contracts.

5. Specify the length of the contract.

Auto-renew means that all customers having this contract will automatically be renewed, in this case they renew every 2 years.

6. Check "Automatically create jobs", if this agreement should schedule jobs automatically.

7. Specify the frequency by which jobs should be created, every 6 months, once a year etc.

8. Specify how many days in advance the jobs should be added to your calendar

9. (Optional) When the jobs are created, they can automatically include forms that's needed for the service

10. Click Save

Next Steps

Add a service agreement to a customer (using ServicePal for iPad)

Add a service agreement to a customer (using ServicePal for office)