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Flat Rate Pricing (also known as Menu-based pricing) is widely used  across the Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical trades in the USA.

Flat rate pricing is a method used by service contractors to give customers a price quote before the work has begun. This is accomplished by using national averages for parts costs and estimated labor time, combined with your mark-ups, labor rates and truck operating costs.

If you would like to have a flat rate price book in ServicePal, we can support you three different ways.

1. If you have an existing flat rate price book, you can import it into ServicePal, using the Items import feature.

2. You can use a Profit Rhino price book with ServicePal.

3. You can use The New Flat Rate price book with ServicePal.

Common for all three choices, is that you decide how to label your prices. In the picture above, you will notice that the prices are labelled 'Standard", "Premium" and "Value".

See the article "How to configure my price labels"