ServicePal integrates with QuickBooks Online.

When you connect ServicePal to Quickbooks, customer information syncs automatically between the two systems (not invoices and payments). When ServicePal users update customer information, the changes are updated in QuickBooks as well. Customers that are added in QuickBooks are added to ServicePal and vice versa.

The customer information we sync from QuickBooks include phone numbers, email and address information. It also includes the outstanding balance for the customer. The outstanding balance is NOT displayed on iPad, but only available to administrators using the web application.

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Users with Administrator role can connect to QuickBooks from the Settings screen. You will make a sure connection to QuickBooks to establish the integration. You will receive confirmation once the sync connection has been made. In some cases, the connection will be reviewed by ServicePal Support in case there is conflicting customer records.

After the sync connection has been established between ServicePal and QuickBooks Online, a QuickBooks tab appears for each of your customers. The sales transaction data is pulled from QuickBooks in real time, and NOT stored in ServicePal. The data will not sync to the iPad app, and is thus not available to technicians.