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Adding your company logo, Angie's list badge or social media icons, makes your forms stand out and look professional.

Watch the video or see the step-by-step instructions below.

Changing or adding logos on forms is easy.
  1. Sign in to ServicePal using a desktop or laptop computer
  2. Click Form Designer from the main menu

  3. Click the form you would like to change. This will open the form in the Form Designer
  4. Move your mouse over the existing logo/image in the form
  5. Click the Options icon Edit Logo
  6. Click Select..
  7. Select an image from your computer hard drive
  8. Once a file has uploaded, click the Apply button
  9. You can make the logo smaller or bigger by dragging the lower-right corner of the logo element
  10. NOTE: If your logo file is not done in a high resolution, it may not look good when printed or shown on the PDF
  11. To preview your form, first click Save, then click Preview
  12. When you are happy with your changes, click Publish Form to push it to all iPad users in your account