ServicePal offers a secure way to capture mobile payments. No card numbers, expiration dates or CVC codes are stored on the device.

By integrating ServicePal with OpenEdge,  technicians can securely process debit and credit cards on the iPad. Transactions are processed live over the Internet with Visa, MasterCard and Discover networks to keep your customer's card information safe.

Get approved

To accept mobile payments, you need an OpenEdge Merchant account. You can contact OpenEdge at 800.774.6462, Option 1.

Once approved, you will receive a Magtek uDynamo card reader for your iPad. 

Your OpenEdge merchant account is linked to ServicePal, but ServicePal does NOT have access to your bank account information, credit profile or social security numbers. 

Note: It is possible to have multiple card readers associated with your ServicePal account. Contact OpenEdge, if you need multiple readers for your technicians.


Once you receive the Magtek card reader, there is no setup, but you do need to make sure the reader is charged.

Use the included micro-USB cable to charge the reader, using a USB port in your computer. The readers contains a Lithium-ion battery that powers the chip used for encrypting the card data. The card reader can process up to 300 swipes on a single charge. ServicePal has built-in features that will power off the reader, if left in the iPad for more than a minute.

Taking your first payment

1. Using ServicePal for iPad, tap to open the invoice, or form for which you want to record a payment.

2. Tap + Payment

3. Enter the amount you would like to capture

4. Insert the Magtek card reader into the audio jack. The LED light should show green color.

5. The Paid By field will disappear and the app will ask to access the microphone.

This is because the card reader is using the microphone inside the audio jack.

Tap OK

6. Now the swipe the card through the card reader slot.

You will notice a spinner in the middle of the screen, while the payment is being processed. 

Typically, after 3-4 seconds, the payment is captured.

If the card is declined, or the card cannot be process, a message will be displayed.

 7. That's it. Tap Done.

You just captured $1.11 on a Visa card.

Next Steps

Email or print a receipt

Viewing payment history

Issue a refund for a card payment