ServicePal has announced that we plan to connect QuickBooks Online with ServicePal. Once this integration is finalized, customers will sync bi-directionally between the two products.

In the meantime, here's how you can export your customer list from QuickBooks Online, and get them imported into ServicePal.

1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online from a desktop or laptop computer

2. Click "Reports" from the main menu

3. Type "customer" into the reports search field

4. select the Customer Contact List report

5. Click the "Customize" button

6. Click the "Change Columns" button

7. Add the columns shown below to the Selected Columns box. The order in which they appear is not important.

8. When done, click "OK"

9. Click the "Run Report" button

10. Click the "Excel" button

11. Save the Excel spreadsheet on your computer, then email it to

12. We will take care of importing the customer list for you.