This article shows how to get ServicePal events and jobs in Apple calendar for MacOS. If you are using MacOS and iCloud, the events will sync to all your iCloud connected devices, including your iPhone.

If you are not using iCloud, but would like the calendar feed on your iPhone, see Apple Calendar (iOS)


1. First obtain your ServicePal Calendar address from the user screen. See this article.

Subscribing to the ServicePal calendar

1. Open Apple Calendar

2. Click File > New Calendar Subscription.

3. Paste the ServicePal Calendar address into Calendar URL field.

3. Click Subscribe

Specify your preferences (how frequently you want the calendar to update etc).

Apple Calendar will auto-refresh depending on your settings, up to every 5 minutes.

NOTE: If you are using iCloud, the ServicePal calendar will also be shown on other Apple devices, such as the iPhone.