Having duplicate customers is not good for your business, and can result in your service history being scattered.  ServicePal allows you to merge duplicate customers, so that all transactions are contained on a single customer record.

Users must have Manager or Administrator role to merge customers.

To merge customers, ALL your technicians must be running ServicePal for iPad version 3.12.  If you are running ServicePal for iPAD HVAC 3.5, contact support for instructions.

If you have connected ServicePal to QuickBooks Online, see information at the bottom of this article.

Merging customers

1. Sign in using a web browser

2. Click customers

3. Locate the customer you would like to merge. You can also search for the customer.

Notice in the example we have both a Jim Rohn and a Jimmy Rhon. 

4. Clickfor the customer that should be merged. It does not matter which one you click.

5. Choose the customer that should be merged with the first customer you selected

6. Decide which of the two customers you would like to keep.

In the example, the 1 Job + 2 Equipment records will be moved to Jim Rhon.

7. Click Merge Customers

After the merge, the Jimmy Rhon customer record no longer exists.  All information has been moved to Jim Rhon.