You can export your customer data to Excel.  This is helpful when you would like to do an email marketing campaign, using programs such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or Vertical Response.

You must have the Manager or Administrator role to export customer data.

You can also use the Excel file to make bulk changes to customers information, and then import the list again.

To export your customers

1. Sign in using a web browser

2. Click Customers

3.Click Export

4. Choose the type of export you need

  • All customers contains all your customers and all information about them
  • Customers with email is for email marketing programs. It will only include 1 email address for a customer.
  • Customers with equipment shows equipment at service locations (Requires PREMIUM plan)


If you exported all your customers (All Customers.xlsx), you can import the file once you have made changes to the data. This is helpful if you plan to update many customer records , such as assigning new customer types, or tagging customers with new tags.

For this purpose, the file contains a column called "Customer ID". This column should remain in the file, and is used be ServicePal to match your existing customers. If you remove this column before running an import, you will duplicate your customers.