ServicePal for iPad is designed to automatically detect when you have Wi-Fi or cellular access. If you do, ServicePal will automatically sync information every 5min, as you are using the app. 

When you leave ServicePal to use another app, the sync process will pause. This minimizes the impact that ServicePal has on your data plan with a cellular carrier.

There are however a few exceptions where ServicePal pushes changes immediately.

1. When you change job status

2. When you email an invoice, or other form

3. When you swipe a card using the OpenEdge card swiper

4. When you click the sync button

5. When you give you iPad a slight shake

Sync data now

1. Navigate to the menu

2. Click the sync button, located next to your name

The button will spin for a few seconds. When it stops, your information has synced.

If there are many outstanding changes, the button could spin for 30sec - 1min.

Don't see the sync button?

If the sync button is not present, it means your iPad does not have internet access. There can be several reasons for that.

1. You put the iPad in Airplane mode

2. Your cellular provider has a spotty network

3. There is not a strong Wi-Fi signal near you

4. Your iPad need a Carrier update

Next Steps

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