ServicePal sends email on behalf of your company using unique email addresses assigned to each user. As we do not have access to your email server, or individual email accounts from Hotmail, yahoo, Google etc., you have some options to control how you want email to be handled.

Our email servers have great reputation to ensure email delivery, and ServicePal automatically detects email that is bouncing or can't be delivered.

Centralized email communication allows you to specify the email address used when customers reply to email. When this option is OFF, replies from customers are forwarded to the user who sent the email.  That means each technician is responsible for handling customer replies and wrong email addresses.  If you prefer to have an office manager responsible for all customer interactions, you should switch this option on.

The email address can be ANY email address, even one not associated with a ServicePal user.  Make sure you double check the email address is valid and have been setup on your mail server.  You do not want customer replies to go into a black hole.

Email Setup

1. Sign in using a web browser

2. Click Settings

3. Click Email Communication

4. Switch on Centralized email communication

5. Change the default email address, and consider whether Cc: and Bcc: email addresses also are needed

There is no Save button.  The information is automatically saved.