ServicePal Companion 5.0 (Build 218)

Some background on Companion and who it is intended for. Companion has a single user focus, meaning it allows a user to view his/her own jobs. There is no Team calendar. The idea came from customers asking us for a light weight app that could also be used by helpers or contractors on jobs. Something that would work on an iPhone. Those users should not be allowed to view all data, like all customers and all jobs, but only  jobs that they have been assigned to. Users should be able to make notes, perhaps mark a job complete, and ideally Clock In/Out so their time can be recorded. That Clock in/out feature is not available yet, but plan to do so down the road. 

While we are still working on the full feature set for Companion, we decided to make what we have so far available for existing users, so we can get some feedback. The ServicePal iPhone app we call Companion is not a replacement for the ServicePal iPad app, but it will stay in sync with the iPad app and office web app. If you reschedule a job from the iPhone, it will be rescheduled everywhere of course. More features will roll out over the next few months, and eventually the app will hopefully be approved by Apple, so we can go live with it in the App Store.


ServicePal Development Team


List of features so far...


- Ability to view your own jobs.

- Ability to schedule jobs for yourself, including All-day jobs.

- Ability to reschedule your own jobs.

- Swipe left/right on time line for next/previous day navigation.

- Swipe left/right on the week header for next/previous week navigation.

- Navigate to specific date from the navigation bar.

- Adjust event duration on the calendar view by long pressing an event, then use the drag handles to size the event smaller/larger.

- Calendar settings. Ability to have larger time slots on calendar.


- Ability to update job status.

- Ability to get directions to the service location (Apple Maps or Google Maps).

- Ability to call a customer.

- Ability to view & edit equipment serviced on the job.

- Ability to view all notes on the job.

- Ability to edit or delete your own notes.

- Ability to view PDF documents sent via email.

- Ability to create notes for job.

- Ability to view service history.


- Ability to create or edit customers.

- Ability to email customer from the customer detail screen.


- The app icon can show either Overdue or Unscheduled jobs count.


- Ability to chat with ServicePal Support.

- Ability to access ServicePal Academy.

- Ability to send email to ServicePal Support.