Office users can edit forms using ServicePal for Office. Sometimes office managers prefer to proof-read a form that was filled out by field technicians to catch misspellings or typos before the form is sent to the customer.

To that end ServicePal web app for the office allows you to fill out (edit) the form from the comfort of your office computer. The sequence of screenshot images below shows how to do it:

1. From the jobs list screen click on the specific job.

2. From the job detail screen click on the form you want to edit.

3. Click on the Edit button.

4. Fill out or edit any of the fields in the form by clicking on the blue pencil button.

5. After you've filled out or edited one or more of the fields in that form, click the Finish editing button.

6. Now you can Send this form to your customer's email address. Or, just get out of this form view to go back to the job view.