Rather than adding items one at a time, you can import them in bulk.  To do this, an Excel file must contain your items.

The file can be used to add new items or update existing item information.

Only users with Manager or Administrator role to import item data.

Creating the Excel file

The easiest way to get started, is to export your existing items.  That will produce the excel file containing the correct column names.

Alternatively, you can download the attached file (See below on page). The file shows example HVAC items.

The Excel file must be created using Office 2007 or newer.  The file extension is .xlsx. Many other programs like Apple Numbers, Google Sheets and OpenOffice can also be used.

The first row in the file should contain the column names listed below. You can include as many of the columns you need.  The two required columns should always be included.

Item Number

Numbers or characters which uniquely describes the item.

A description of the item.

The EAN, UPC or other barcode for the item. A barcode uniquely identifies only one item.
Cost Price
Cost price of the item.
Sales Price1

Sales price of the item.
Sales Price2

A secondary sales price.
Sales Price3

Alternative sales price.

Specifies whether the item is subject to sales tax. Use TRUE if yes. Use FALSE if sales tax should not be computed.
Price Locked

Specifies whether the price can be adjusted by a technician on the iPad. Use TRUE is yes, Use FALSE if no.


1. An item can be specified with up to three different sales prices.  This is used by companies who are using Flat rate price books.  If you only have one sales price, use the Sales Price1 column.

2. The cost price is not shown in ServicePal for iPad, and technicians and customers will not be able to view it.  It's used and retained to enable price calculations.

Importing items

1. Sign in using a web browser

2. Click Items

3. Click Import

4. Click Browse... and locate the Excel file on your computer

5. Click Import

The import will be processed in the background, allowing you do move on to other functions.

Once the import has completed, you will receive an email.