Text Messaging, also known as SMS in many countries, allows you to communicate directly with customers and technicians. Text messages are delivered almost instantaneously to mobile devices.

With ServicePal Text Messaging, your company gets a dedicated phone number to facilitate the communication. ServicePal can be used to send automated messages, such as appointment confirmation, reminders etc. but also add-hoc messages to individual customers.

Text Messaging is an optional feature that can be added to any subscription plan for a monthly fee. 

Prices vary by country and size of your business. If your account has not already been enabled with Text Messaging, you can contact ServicePal Support to discuss.


Only users with Administrator role can setup Text Messaging.

1. Click Setting 

If your account has been enabled with Text Messaging, you will find the Setup menu

2. Locate a phone number for your business. ServicePal has access to thousands of phone numbers across the globe. 

You can search for available numbers, either by Number or by City.

3. Click "Get this number" once you have located a number suitable to your business, 

ServicePal will provision the phone number and link it to your  account.

You are now ready to send your first text message.

Next steps

1. Send a text message a technician

2. Send a text message to a customer

3. Change the templates used for text messages

4. How to handle customers who opt-out of text messages