ServicePal allows you to send automated or ad hoc text messages to technicians.


1. Text Messaging should be setup

2. Users should have mobile numbers

Technician Alerts

Technician alerts are automated messages sent to technicians when jobs are changing during the day. 


  • Ben Wilson is assigned to job #345 later in the afternoon. If someone re-schedules or cancels that job, Ben will be notified on his mobile phone.
  • Ben Wilson went to work with 5 jobs scheduled. The office is assigning Ben an urgent job for the same day. Ben will be notified on his mobile phone.

ServicePal sends those messages automatically, but does not send messages when jobs in the past or future are changing.

Technician alerts are switched on from the "Alerts & Reminders" menu.

You can change how the alerts are presented by modifying the corresponding technician templates.

Ad hoc messages

Imagine your technicians are in the field and important parts just arrived in the warehouse. You can easily communicate such information to either a single technician, or to all of them.

Click the technician icon located in the header.

Pick which technician should receive a message, or click "Send to all"

Type your message and click "Send"