Your customers, and for that matter your technicians, can opt-out of receiving text messages. 

Typically, customers opt-out when the nature of the message is marketing/sales related. They are less likely to opt-out when the message is informational, such as a friendly reminder.

If a customer replies to a text message using any of the following words: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, QUIT, ServicePal will automatically flag the customer's phone number as having opted out. No text messages will be sent of any kind. ServicePal only reacts on a single word, so if the reply is "Please cancel the inspection for Tuesday" they are not opted out.

If a customer has opted out and would like to opt-in again, the customer should send a message to your Text Messaging number using any of the following words: START, YES, UNSTOP.

If a customer contacts you by phone and requests to opt-out, you can manually do so by editing the customer record.


If a customer opted out by sending one of the keywords above, you cannot switch the Opt-out checkbox Off. The customer have to send  START, YES, or UNSTOP to opt-in again.