You can easily add more users to ServicePal. If a person leaves your company, you can deactivate that person's access to ServicePal.

When a new user is added, the user receives an email with a temporary password. 

After signing in, the user will be able to change the password. 

Passwords can also be changed by anyone with Administrator role.

NOTE: For security purposes, passwords must be at least 6 characters long.

Adding a user

Only Administrators can add users. For information about the different roles, see Understanding user roles.

1. Sign in using a web browser

2. Click Users

3. Click +

4. Enter information (see below)

5. Click Save

About user fields

Opt-out: Text Messaging

Specifies whether this user has opted out of receiving text messages. See Text Messaging (SMS)

Defines the access level. See Understanding user roles.

User's full name.

Email address used by user to sign in. Also used for email communications.

Must be entered twice to confirm, and must be at least 6 characters long.
User can be assigned to jobs

Indicate whether the user is a resource, for which jobs can to be scheduled and dispatched.

User's mobile phone number.

Additional consideration when you are about to deactivate a user:

When a user is deactivated, the only thing that changes is that the user no longer can sign in to ServicePal, and your monthly subscription will no longer will be charged for that user.

All job assignments stay the same. However, since the user is also removed from the job filter, and resource selection drop-down menu, it might make sense to reschedule the non-completed jobs for such a resource first, before deactivating the user. Same approach you would take, if an employee terminates employment but there are still jobs assigned to that employee for tomorrow and beyond.